Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Process

When I first started working on this project I think the thing I was most excited about was creating a character. I found out a lot of things about the kind of character I made after trying to animate her. I found out that it is hard to convey certain emotions with a character without eyes,somehow she can see through her hair, all of the emotion is conveyed through her mouth and her actions. I was kind of fun to be limited like this and I think it has taught me a lot. After I created a character I made up a simple story she could be part of, a story that hopefully anyone could understand after seeing once. I think fruit falling from a tree can lead to a very simple story and that is why I chose to do this story. After the story I thought of the most simplistic method in which I could finish this. I thought of limited animation that is used in a lot of cartoons. I thought of anime and current flash animations like powerpuff girls and Johnny Test.

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