Monday, February 2, 2009

Final Animation Script

Brandon Milteer

Winter 2009

Apple Sauce





Shot 1

MCU Gloomy Girl walking

through the forest.

Music plays through out film

Shot 2

WS Gloomy Girl sits down on a tree stump.

Shot 3

CU Gloomy Girl looks down at the ground curiously

Shot 4

LS A rotting apple with flies around it

Buzzing sound

Shot 5

ECU Gloomy Girl gets a disgusted look on her face

Shot 6

Apple falls from tree to the ground

Rustling of leaves and thump of apple

Shot 7

MWS Gloomy Girl looks down at ground curiously

Shot 8

LS Perfect shining apple on the ground

Shot 9

ECU Gloomy girl smiles in delight

Shot 10

CU Gloomy girls hand pick up apple off the ground

Shot 11

MCU Gloomy Girl starts to bring apple to her mouth

Shot 12

CU Apple has a face with a smile

Shot 13

MCU Gloomy Girl has a disgusted look on her face.

Shot 14

CU Apple is dropped back onto the ground

Thump of apple

Shot 15

CU Apple is stepped on and then camera zooms out to the rotting apple beside the newly smash apple.

Crushing of apple and buzzing of flies.

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