Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Premise For My Animation

A gloomy looking girl is walking in the woods and decides to sit down on a tree stump in front of an apple tree. While sitting at the tree stump the girl notices an apple on the ground in front of her. After closer inspection she sees that the apple is rotten, she looks at it in disgust. As she looks a the rotten apple a beautiful and almost perfect looking apple falls from the tree where the rotten apple had most likely fallen from. The girl stands up from the stump and picks up this perfect looking apple. The apple is shiny and looks perfect for eating. The girls holds the apple up to her face and is about to take a bite when the apple opens its eyes and mouth and smiles at the girl. The girl quickly drops the smiling apple and steps on it, leaving it next to the rotting apple she first saw when she sat down.

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